The Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2021 Review

Try playing basketball barefoot, even with your friends in the neighborhood, and you’ll soon discover that you’re not coming close to competitive. Remembering the comfort of running around the court (or driveway) with your feet supported by layers of protective padding, foam and other pleasantries, and you’ll miss them right away. Having the best basketball shoes is a necessity even for amateurs in-their-driveway hoops players.

Choosing the right pair and the one that will suit your feet is difficult. They use all different materials, cushioning technologies (often patented designs) and designed with more colors of the rainbow while others are more limiting.

Probasketballtroops have done the legwork for you on which shoes are best for playing hoops. Here are the best 10 basketball shoes worth considering.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes Review


NIKE Men’s Air Versatile Basketball Shoe

The Nike Men’s Air Versatile Basketball Shoe is a modest shoe that is laid out in black, platinum and Wolf grey (according to Nike marketing). Most of the upper have an aerated mesh to let in the as much cool air as possible during a match. For active playing with lots of sudden stops, twists, and turns, which basketball is full of, the design is very suitable to keep the feet cooler and avoid blisters basketball shoes review

The top webbing is matched by capable laces that match the color and lightness of this basketball shoe. The air sole has some lift built into it to cushion landings from jumping up for the dunk shot. The outsole is durable enough to handle court surfaces and running around in the driveway shooting at the hoop above the garage door.

These basketball shoes are respectable for daily use and are light enough to be comfortable when extremely active.

  • Mesh design on the top of the shoe to let in cool air to keep heat levels down
  • Cushioned air-sole to prevent the heel taking the brunt during landings
  • Dependable outsole that works on hard surfaces and asphalt driveways
  • Designed to be lightweight on the feet to get more air time
  • Appearance is very plain
  • Doesn’t look like thick material
  • One color option

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe is designed to suit a variety of players’ needs on the court. The thing you notice right away is the traction you can achieve across the court. Using sea coral as its design impetus; the see-through rubber sole grips the floor perfectly and allows fast movements stop and quick turns without missing a beat.most expensive basketball shoes

The Adidas BOOST internal cushioning system helps the soles of the feet avoid taking damage. The lift you can achieve from the cushioning system is impressive. The toes are also protected from being stepped on, to some degree at least.

There’s a bootie for a snug fit around each foot, and it provides a cushion to take up any remaining space internally. For slimmer width feet, try a half size smaller to fit better as long as the slightly shorter length won’t be a problem for you.

The Xeno upper is a colorful, discrete design that’s pleasing to the eye without overdoing it. It cushions the footwell when stopping suddenly and the top of the foot slams into the top of the basketball shoe. There are ten color combinations available with some standout ones like scarlet and collegiate royal, along with white, green, and black colored shoes too.

The heel is higher than most basketball footwear providing better support and protection up the heel of the foot.

These Crazy shoes are full of the latest Adidas technology and have a wide range of color schemes bound to please.

  • Materials are a synthetic and textile mix
  • Longer shaft to protect the heel more
  • BOOST cushioning system for better padding and greater air time
  • Xeno upper for increased comfort with sudden jolts
  • Textile lined glove goes around your foot for the better fit
  • Designed wrap around the midsole
  • Enhanced lacing
  • 10 color choices
  • People with slimmer feet should consider half a size down to get a better fit if the length is not a problem
  • Angle support is not as much as expected from a high-top design

NIKE Men’s Son of Force Mid Winter Basketball Shoes

The Nike Men’s Son of Force Mid Winter Basketball Shoes is a traditional pair which is very noticeable when you first see them. It has the 5-inch high shaft as one would expect. There’s a choice of 12 color combinations and white basketball shoes

The Son of Force is dubbed “mid-winter” presumably because it has an upper that does it’s best to repel water before it sinks into the fabric and seeps inside the shoe during the variable weather of fall and winter. The eye stays are metallic with hooks to secure this pair. The top and sides of the shoe are partially reflective which helps with low-light play.

The midsole is made from Lunarlon foam, which is Nike’s pliable support that’s lighter than traditional phylon. The design of Lunarion is intended to cushion the foot for high activity or long walks but has the springiness that basketball players need. The midsole drops right into place.

The outsole has a rugged traditional appearance. It looks flatter from the outside than it is.

These winterized basketball shoes are rugged, and the addition of a waterproofing element helps to make them avoid damage if caught in a sudden downpour.

  • Traditional basketball designed shoe
  • The shaft is 5 inches
  • The exterior is reflective for night-time use
  • Upper repels water
  • Lunarion foam dropped in to provide cushion and responsiveness during extended use
  • 12 color combinations
  • Metal eye stays
  • Traditional basketball design may not suit younger ballers

Under Armour Mens UA Rocket Basketball Shoes

The Under ArmourMens UA Rocket Basketball Shoes is a space-age looking product. There are eight different color combinations, but perhaps the best are the black, white and charcoal pairs with a colorful trim. Made from faux leather and fabric, these shoes will send you off like a outdoor basketball shoes

The shaft isn’t as high as some other basketball shoes, but the sides rise higher to provide sufficient ankle support. An essential when being a baller because of all the sudden twists and turns on the court. The Micro-G sock liner increases the internal comfort. There’s a crisscross pattern on the sides and perforations on the upper to let air flow inside.

The tip of the outsole is visible at the front of the shoe where the upper ends and the sole begins. The grip underfoot continues because of the herringbone rubber design all the way to the front tip, so you can still have the grip at the edge of a squash court with these.

These Rocket shoes from Under Armour are the next thing in high-tech and cool.

  • Luxurious fabric and leather mixed design
  • 8 color combinations
  • Prominent outsole with solid grip
  • High ankle support using addition foam layer and lower shaft
  • Breathable sock liner for greater comfort
  • Air flow holes in the upper to keep the shoe cooler
  • Rubber outsole using herringbone design for improved grip
  • Design may be a bit too basic for flashy millennials

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Bounce Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Bounce Basketball Shoe is a great looking product. It comes in 11 color combinations; none of them too loud and all bring something different to the mix. The high-top shaft is tall enough to provide both excellent heel and arch support, plus the ankle receives necessary support that extends even higher too.ightest basketball shoes review

The design of these shoes makes it one that’s both ideals for basketball and other sports or regular use too.

The shoe is made from textile and synthetic materials. The upper is a textile heavily perforated one, and the holes are substantial. It’s super light too.

The midfoot interior support is made from TPU, so it creates enough bounciness and firmness too. The ankle also gets the foam treatment.

The rubber outsole is grippy underfoot and doesn’t let active players down either.

These Adidas Men’s crazy basketball shoes balance the needs on the court with the needs of daily use.

  • Excellent appearance with 11 pleasing color combos
  • High arch and even higher ankle support
  • Overlay for the upper that’s heavily perforated for better air flow
  • Midfoot has TPU for cushioning all the way to the ankle
  • Rubber outsole delivers good grip and stopping power
  • Not as high on the heel as one might like

NIKE Men’s Kobe Mamba Instinct Basketball Shoes

The Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Instinct Basketball Shoes have a far lower shaft than some other models. The shoe is designed principally as a Kobe Bryant model that is sleeker and feels less chunky on the foot due to the 3.5-inch arch. The sides are lowers for the ankle positioning too.white nike basketball shoes for men

There’s a colorful pattern on the upper which almost looks like a miniature alligator print. The pronounced tongue sticks up enough to provide support when leaning forward to take a shot at the hoop.

There are 23 color combinations available for this Mamba Instinct which keeps to the dance movement flavor in the design.

The rubber soles provide a secure grip. The insoles are thicker than you would expect. Removing them leaves far too little padding, so a thick insole is required for these shoes to feel comfortable.

The fit with these shoes is very temperamental. The center of the shoe is thinner which doesn’t always fit well. Wider feet have a tough time with this design especially. It suits slimmer profile feet the best.

These Mamba basketball shoes from the Kobe line are the epitome of jive and coolness.

  • Low-profile 3.5-inch shaft
  • Lack of ankle support
  • Rubber soles with decent grip
  • Better for slimmer feet
  • 23 color combinations
  • Suits slimmer feet
  • Shoe narrows in the center which becomes too narrow for some people
  • Insole isn’t well padded compared to other Nike shoes

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

The Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe comes in many different colors. Part of the Stephen Curry line, it has 33 different color combinations from discrete to garish and everything in between. You’re bound to find a design that you’re happy with basketball shoes for ankle support

The shaft focuses on stabilization with carbon fiber and is high enough to provide good heel support. It has the exact same height for the ankle, and the internal padding provides cushioned comfort during play with lots of twists and turns too.

The tongue has an extended mesh to let in more air flow. It sits high above the ankle level for excellent support when leaning forward to take a shot. The upper has a good Threadbornesynthetic fabric which is also breathable too. The outsole enjoys a tread that runs in different directions to provide control with sharp movements this way and that.

Mostly the sizing comes out as expected. Quality is generally good with the odd exception depending on the batch.

Going with a Stephen Curry mode is all about excellent materials combined together to produce excellent footwear.

  • 3rd Stephen Curry model
  • Treadborne upper, breathable design
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Extended tongue for comfort when leaning forward
  • Carbon fiber used in the shaft
  • 33 color schemes
  • The midsole is well cushioned for lift and support
  • Sizing gives a few people problems but is mostly as expected

Under Armour Boys’ Grade School UA Curry 3 Basketball Shoes

The Under Armour Boys’ Grade School UA Curry 3 Basketball Shoes is the signature model from Stephen Curry (the 3rd edition). It is designed for grade schoolers to play basketball with 29 different color combinations basketball shoes review

These best basketball shoes are designed similarly to the adult model reviewed above. There is the same carbon fiber shaft and the upper produced in threadbare. The internal cushion in the midsole provides good power and bounce. Anafoam from Under Armour is used to provide comfort throughout the internal features.

The rubber outsole offers a pattern that goes in more than one direction which permits better traction underfoot. The outsole rises extremely high up the shaft compared to other models.

These high schoolers’ basketball shoes are ideal for playing hoop at school or on the courts.

  • 3rd Stephen Curry designed the shoe
  • Threadborne breathable upper
  • Carbon fiber in the shaft for strength; Rises high up the shoe
  • The multi-directional pattern on the rubber outsole for better grip in all directions
  • Anafoam by Under Armour on the interior of each shoe for cushioning
  • Colors and designed in the photos don’t always exactly match the shoe received

Jordan Men’s B. Fly Basketball Shoe

The Jordan Men’s B. Fly Basketball Shoe is ones that’s mostly got the same basic design with a coloration difference depending on the color blend selected. In at least one case, this is different with a camo-style design instead of one that’s more striped in appearance. Both look very respectable.foot locker mens basketball shoes

The upper is made from a single piece of woven fabric, so it responds as such. There’s a plate fitted as the shank to make the shoe more rigid. The textile fabric is imported. The heel to the top is considered mid-top but no taller.

The lace-up front has a tongue that’s mid-level. The Zoom Air with the interior provides excellent bounce and lift with each step. The rubber outsole uses a usual treat pattern and has the prominent black Jordan logo at the back portion.

These Jordan’s will help you get some air! The upper is super flexible for moving around without feeling the shoes rubbing on your feet.

  • Textile upper with one-piece woven fabric
  • Metal incorporated for stability
  • Mid-level tongue
  • Mid-level heel support
  • Respected Zoom Air midsole cushioning
  • Rubber sole with Jordan logo
  • Doesn’t fit people with wider feet
  • Less restrictive on the ankle than some other Nike models

Nike Men’s Air Ring Leader Low Basketball Shoes

The Nike Men’s Air Ring Leader Low Basketball Shoes is a low-rise pair of synthetic leather footwear. The uppers enjoy an overlay that runs across in multiple locations to provide extra stability.most popular basketball shoes size 8

The appearance of the Air Ring Leader is much like a sneaker and less like a basketball shoe for people who prefer that. It does have a 4-inch rise from the heel which is more than it looks like from the pictures.

There are only 8 color schemes. Most are black, white or some combination of the two; no multi-colored, garish colors on show here.

The midsole has some support and the heel area uses phylon for improved cushioned support underfoot.

The collar is a snug one without any extra padding or extended appearance. There is some ankle support provided here.

The Air Ring Leader has a good balance of features for a baller that doesn’t like a high-top shoe.

  • Synthetic shoe fabric
  • 4-inch shaft
  • Supported Midsole and Phylon foam in the heel for added support when landing
  • 8 color schemes; Mostly white, black and some combination of both
  • Upper has an overlay to make it more stable while retaining its softness
  • Between a low-top and a mid-top depending where on the shoe that you measure it
  • Tighter than another of Nike’s
  • Less breathable than other basketball shoes

Choose The Best Basketball Shoes For Next Match

Not wearing the right basketball shoes to play hoop is a lesson in discomfort and sometimes pain. You get blisters from ill-fitting shoes and cannot play the next day. The reasons for this are simple – playing hoops involves far more instant stopping, twisting, pushing off in the new direction, as well as jumping for the hoop.

Your feet go through much more wear and tear than with gentler sporting activities, so your basketball shoes (and your socks!) need to be top notch.

Here are several steps to go through to help choose better shoes for basketball.

  • Step 1

Take the time to get each foot measured properly. While you may think you know your shoe size, you certainly will not have a clear idea of whether you have unusually narrower or wider feet than a regular size. This isn’t always obvious, especially if you’ve never had your feet professionally measured before.

  • Step 2

Power or Fast-moving? Power players who push through movements heavily and roll their feet and ankles require a sturdier shoe with greater internal padding, more cushioning in the heel and advance stability features. An all-rounder player who’s often fast but light on their feet needs a lighter shoe to stay lithe.

  • Step 3

How much ankle protection do you need? One feature of basketball shoes particularly is the raised height for greater ankle support to avoid getting a twisted ankle during play. Not every player prefers this, but if you have a tendency to twist your ankle, opt for higher ankle support.

  • Step 4

Indoor or outdoor player? When playing mostly outdoors, look for a heavier version with soles that grab the ground better. When you play mostly indoors, the sole needed is usually lighter while the rubber still provides plenty of grip to avoid slipping.

  • Step 5

Ensure there’s some space between the end of your big toe and the end of the shoe. This provides some free area for your foot to move forward when stopping suddenly on the court. It avoids injuring your big toe too. The shoe width should be comfortable but not tight or it will cause foot sores.

  • Step 6

Focus less on brand or making a shoe fashion statement. The shoe must fit well and suit your type of hoops play. When it fits low on the ankle and you feel a lack of support, that’s not good. Similarly, when the sole isn’t all that suitable for playing outside (or inside), you won’t get the grip and responsiveness you require to feel comfortable.

  • Step 7

Expect to get 6-9 months of regular use from a good basketball shoe. When you don’t get that amount of time from a pair, then you’re either buying a low-quality brand, paying too little, they don’t fit your feet correctly or you’re using an indoor shoe for outdoor play.

When selecting the right basketball shoe, the biggest mistake you can make is picking a snazzy shoe that will please your friends. While street cred on the court is cool to have, if it messes up your feet because they’re not the right shoes for you, you’ll spend more time off the court than on it!


When choosing a pair of basketball shoes for yourself, a friend or family member, you need to get a few things right.

Firstly, will a low-top, mid-top or high-top be suitable? This is the height of the back on the heel and up the leg. The low-top is usually more maneuverable, but it has the downside of providing less support on the shaft and the ankle. The high-top might extend up to 5 inches with extra padding and ankle support for the twists and turns inherent in a fast-paced basketball game.

Secondly, for players that jump for the hoop a lot rather than shooting for the three-pointer, then they’ll care a lot about the foam used for the insole. Is it more bouncy or firmer and more supportive?

Thirdly, the outsole also matters. Is a thicker, heavier one that helps them plant their feet on the ground important? The low-rise basketball shoes tend to have thinner outsoles and aren’t as good in slightly wet conditions on outside courts when it’s been raining in the last few hours.

Lastly, the appearance of the shoe itself with its use of design is important to many players. The color schemes vary from a handful to scores of them to choose between. They can make a shoe really pop or turn into a multi-colored mess. It all comes down to personal taste with color selection.

Choosing the right basketball shoe requires that you combine the most desired features to pick the best basketball shoe that offers as many of them in a single product as humanly possible.