Best Trampoline With Basketball Goal Reviews

A trampoline for the kids to play on is great fun. Many have enclosure netting to avoid the kids being overexuberant and falling off the trampoline. What isn’t as usual is to have a basketball hoop included in the design to be able to play hoops when bouncing around.

Trampoline basketball hoops provide an excellent way to combine bouncing for fun and scoring some extra hoops. It offers the chance for younger players to get enthusiastic about using their trampoline but also as an introduction to the game of basketball. While a basketball court would be too large and imposing for their little minds and bodies, a hoop that’s set up for them to learn about is a great little extra to have. It also adds a new element to bouncing around to make it fun to do with friends who come over to play.

Here Are The Top 5 Trampolines With Basketball Hoop.


Merax 14FT Kids Trampoline with Basketball Hoop, Safety Enclosure Net & A Ladder

The Merax 14-foot Kids’ Trampoline comes with a see-through mesh netting all around it. It has multiple posts clad in bright green along with a border trim of the same color.

The trampoline stands 2.95 feet off the ground with a 4-step ladder made from tough galvanized steel that makes it safer to climb up and onto the edge of the trampoline to move inside. Parents of young children will want to lift them up or support them as they climb to protect them from falling. They’ll also want to keep an eye on them and ensure they call out for help when wanting to get back down. After all, the trampoline is 3 feet off the trampoline with basketball hoop reviews

Fortunately, there is a soft mesh enclosure all the way around. It seals up preventing small kids from exiting the Merax trampoline unless they can figure it out on their own. The trampoline is 14-foot wide at its widest point. It is supported by 5 legs in the shape of a “W.” Along with them are six poles which have foam padding to protect from accidental impact. The material is also UV protected to avoid fading in the direct sunlight. Seventy-two galvanized springs attach the frame and mat together and help to provide the bounciness that’s required for any trampoline.

The basketball backboard is well-shaped, clad in black with a green outline with a square target area. The fixed basketball hoop is green with a similarly colored netting hanging down to show the basketball’s accent.

The PP mesh material and PP pad are both machine washable. The trampoline doesn’t fold down entirely. It does require some time and patience for assembly.

The hoop, safety enclosure, and ladder as all BV certified.

The total weight capacity is 330 pounds which are ample to support several kids playing on the trampoline at the same time. Product arrives in 3 boxes which are dispatched individually.


Lovely Snail Trampoline with Basketball Hoop (5 feet)

The Lovely Snail Trampoline with Basketball Hoop is a smaller 5 feet wide product that’s ideal for a room or outside in the garden. It’s designed expressly for kids with no grownups allowed!

The trampoline has a weight limit of 220 pounds which is to be expected considering it’s much smaller than some other trampolines under review in this guide. Fewer kids can fit into the enclosed space and so it makes sense that the total supported weight is reduced too.trampoline basketball hoop attachment

The design is set up to remove any risk that the supporting springs could come into contact with anyone as they’re underneath the covering material. This design makes it much saver for little ones who have an annoying knack of getting their fingers caught in things. Especially the boys!

The trampoline is a bright green once again (but there is an identical blue one too). We would suggest getting the green colored one if there are only boys in the household, but the gender-neutral green one if both boys and girls are likely to play on the trampoline at some point (or a son has friends of both sexes).

There’re several sturdy poles which connect to three W-shaped long legs. The poles have back stoppers to make them safer to touch at the end and avoid the trampoline slipping on the carpet, wooden floor or outside on the grass or patio.

While the trampoline is 5 feet wide, with the netting enclosure for safety, the enclosure is under 4-feet. As a result, this product can be placed on its side and squeeze through a doorway sometimes. It is certainly possible to use it in the living room with a patio door leading out to the garden and carry it through to the garden when the weather is cooperating.

The basketball backboard is a colorful affair that’s a kaleidoscope of colors. The metal hoop and multicolored hoop net is just as colorful as the backboard. A 5-year-old is going to be able to reach the hoop quite easily, so this product is probably best for little boys and girls, and adventurous toddlers after they’re past the walking stage.

This trampoline with a basketball hoop is ideal for toddlers and young kids, but it will be too small and low for kids past 5 years old.


SONGMICS Outdoor Trampoline for Kids with Basketball Hoop and Backboard Enclosure

The SongmicsOutdoor Trampoline for Kids with Basketball Hoop is a robust, thoughtfully designed product. It comes in three different size options which is unusual in this product category. The size options for trampoline width are 12-foot, 14-foot or 15-foot. Nevertheless, this product is specifically designed for use in the garden and elsewhere outdoors; not indoors although perhaps it could.

The color scheme is a strong dark blue and black color. The support poles and covering are blue whereas the mesh netting and UV-protected trampoline mat is black. This trampoline is certified by TÜV Rheinland.springfree trampoline basketball hoop

The interior black tight mesh netting runs all the way around to prevent children from bouncing out of the trampoline area. There’re some metal steps down to the ground and an attractive blue padded mat with a designated place for a child to stand before beginning their climb up to the entrance to the trampoline.

The curved basketball backboard is attractively designed with a black face and patterned near the bottom edge. The black metal hoop is connected to the hoop net that’s tri-colored in red, then white and lastly, blue.

The construction materials rely on galvanized steel for the poles and the springs that connect from the frame to the mat. They’re intended to avoid rusting because this is an outdoor trampoline after all. The jumping pad is connected using the springs and them to the frame, with the spring cover pad going over the springs to avoid catching the fingers in that area. The spring cover is made from PVC, EPA foam and coated with polyurethane.

The carrying weight of the 15-foot version of this trampoline is 375 pounds, but it may be slightly lower with the smaller sized versions of this product. The packaging includes a pair of gloves to protect the hands during the assembly too.


Exacme High Weight Limit Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net and Ladder Combo with Basketball Hoop and Ball

The Exacme High Weight Limit Trampoline comes with a basketball backboard, hoop, and netting for active play while bouncing around. The major marketing point with this product is given away in the name. It holds up to 398 pounds of people bouncing around on it at one time. This is the highest for a product in the kid’s trampoline with basketball hoop category. That is likely to vary depending on the size of the trampoline (this weight limit is relevant for the 16-foot product specifically).basketball goal for trampoline

The product is sold in a very flexible range of sizes: 8-foot, 10-foot, 12-foot, 13-foot, 14-foot, 15-foot, and lastly, 16-foot. Along with the product parts ready for assembly, the box also has an orange basketball, a basketball pump, and a User’s manual with assembly instructions included.

The frame uses galvanized steel which makes it better at resisting rust when leaving this larger, more robust trampoline outdoors. Tubes erect around the frame to give it solidity and they move down to a U-shape at the bottom to form individual legs.

The springiness to the trampoline partly comes from the PP in the jumping mat. There are a blue polyurethane and PVC cover around the exterior of the mat which covers the galvanized springs which also help with the bounce on the trampoline.

The basketball backboard is curved and angular with an orange basketball pattern on the front. The basketball hoop is black with a black netting below it. The supplied basketball is 7-inches in size.


Skywalker 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net

The Skywalker 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net sees kids seemingly walking on air. Because of this, the company Skywalker Trampolines has a strong focus on safety. They use a patented design for the coiled springs that connect the frame to the trampoline’s jumping surface to reduce the gap between the two to avoid little fingers getting trapped there. The trampoline has been tested against the American Society for Testing and Materials standards – it passed in places and exceeded the standards in others which is good for parents to trampoline with basketball goal

Their warranty is also more extensive and runs for a longer period of time. The steel frame is covered for 3 years and the other parts for a single year.

This 12-foot trampoline comes in models with a choice of six colors: Blue, Green, Red, Stars and Stripes, Purple or Camo. It’s worth pointing out that in each case, the metal supporting poles, jumping mat surface and netting all remain their respective colors; only the spring enclosure covering between the edge of the frame and the trampoline changes color. With the Stars and Stripes model, there’s an additional item added to the netting to make the color scheme look right.

The mesh polyurethane netting is black in a tight design with the door enclosure zipped up. Each pole supports the netting from outside the net area and then is bent near the top to tilt inwards. It has a protective curved knob at the top of each pole that sits atop of netting once the pole has been slid through which protects from roughly shaped pole ends. The enclosure uses two zips along with a clip-on feature making it less likely small kids can figure it out.

The basketball backboard is flimsy and hangs down. It’s not intended to be a hard board that gives a bounce. This avoids a child hitting their head on it when trying for the hoop. The blue backboard has a white target area above where the hoop is.

The hoop is also designed with softer material to avoid a child getting injured. The design considers preteens or teenagers playing who are taller and might reach the hoop area unassisted or through bouncing on the trampoline. The design differs markedly from other trampolines with hoops because it goes out of its way to avoid using hard materials that have the potential for injury.


Find Perfect Trampoline with Basketball Hoop (Buyer Guide)

Trampolines are usually designed just for jumping, not for playing games. But some enterprising manufacturers have decided to up their game literally by adding a basketball hoop and basketball backboard so that bouncing fanatics can play hoop too. This got our attention.

  • Initial Design by Trial and Error –

Initially, the designs for the hoop weren’t that great with some falling down into the trampoline enclosure when going for a dunk. That required manufacturers to rethink how they dealt with the design issues.

Eventually, they came up with a new approach which saw the basketball backboard attached firmly to one of the supporting poles and the hoop and hoop netting attached to the backboard. This then solved the problem. Sometimes it was also made higher to reduce the likelihood of dunking the ball (we’d suggest to children not to attempt to dunk the ball as it’s not really designed for that purpose much like a mini basketball set for a bedroom isn’t either). The new design is now far safer to give parents a high confidence level.

  • Construction& Safety –

The majority of trampolines with basketball hoops come with sturdy frames made from steel. The steel is usually galvanized which basically means that it’s been further strengthened. The numerous springs that fit between the frame and the jumping mat are also made from galvanized steel. This also prevents early rust for trampolines that either get rained on or stay outdoor permanently. Only some trampolines are made for being outdoors; usually the larger ones.

A mesh netting as an enclosure is used. This might be produced from a soft material like polyurethane. The main thing is that the netting is strong enough, non-abrasive and doesn’t have holes wide enough to fit kid’s fingers through to get trapped. Furthermore, the covering that runs over the gap between the edge of the jumping mat and the metal frame where the springs get fitted hides these parts to make the trampoline safer.

Safety regulation is currently on the recommended level with most manufacturers stating that their product matches the present suggested standard.

  • Sizing and Colors –

Some trampolines are offered in different colors or color schemes. These usually just mean that the covering between the frame and a bouncing mat is a select color. Sometimes, the color scheme also includes other elements. However, most parts are mass produced in a set color, so, for instance, the netting won’t change color in most instances depending on the color of the product selected.

With the sizing, either the product is fixed at one size or there are several versions of the same product being sold with different size trampolines.

  • Basketball Backboard, Hoop and Netting –

Each basketball hoop design element is different. Some have harder backboards and a sturdy steel hoop whereas others are flimsier intended for small children to not injure themselves. You can certainly pick between products and manufacturers based on the type of basketball setup they have inside their trampoline. However, understand that this is an added extra.

It’s not intended as a full-blown basketball setup and so the usual wide backboard and other design elements shouldn’t be expected to be present. It’s minimal in order to add some new fun and possibly introduce basketball as a sport at a young age. Anyone with a child that gets more interested in playing hoop will probably see themselves buying a basketball hoop for their driveway or elsewhere in their home at a later time.


Being able to buy a trampoline with a basketball hoop is a great addition to this type of product. The suitability for the kid’s versions is for little ones who are old enough to hold and throw a ball at least a short distance into the air. It introduces basketball to young minds which is never a bad thing as it’s a fun sport and jumping on the trampoline burns off some extra energy.