Best Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews 2021 For Driveway

The right idea with a portable basketball hoop is that it is not restricted to one location. It doesn’t require a cement base or to implant a pole in the ground in a fixed location to use it.spalding basketball hoop portable for driveway

Most of the best portable basketball hoops come with wheels that let it be wheeled around the court and relocated easily. Moving to a new home doesn’t require either leaving the fixed position basketball hoop behind or trying to dig it back up and reinstalling it at the new home. Just empty the water or sand filling to lighten the base, dismantled it, and it’s ready for transport. Easy as that.

Let’s Look at 10 of The Best Portable Basketball Hoops to See How They Stack Up.


Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball System

The Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Basketball System is a quality useful porbest portable basketball hoop reviewstable hoop system. It has a sizeable 44-inch polyethylene backboard with a pebble dash or warp speed graphic complete with a black square target surrounded by a navy colored thick border.

The sturdy base holds 27 gallons of sand or water to hold it in place when the backboard takes a fastball directly on target. The height is adjustable using the telescoping pole mechanism that changes from 7.5-feet up to 10-feet in 6-inch jumps per adjustment.

The breakaway rim is an 18-inch one made from solid steel. The braces are also made from steel and are the half inch thick. The net links to welded hooks that let it hang securely. The rim is sturdy and strong. The nylon net is durable too and weighs 50 pounds for reliable performance without tearing.

  • Polyethylene, UV coating, 44-inch backboard
  • Colorful backboard design
  • Height adjustable from 7.5-feet to 10-feet (by 6-inch adjustments)
  • Strong breakaway 18-inch rim made from steel
  • Pole is 2.75-inch around for reliable strength
  • Base holds 27 gallons of sand or water
  • Attractive nylon net
  • Heavy once filled and needs two people to move the base into position
  • Best to use a wrench to keep the nuts in position while the bolts get tightened
  • Easier to put together and get into correct position with two people though it is possible with just one

Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54″ Angled Pole Backboard Basketball System

The Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54″ Angled Pole Backboard Basketball System is a little different to other products under review. For starters, it has a Plexiglass backboard which means that it’s clear and see-through. It also has black marking on it which will surely help to line up free throw shots or just to practice and getting better in the front driveway.spalding basketball hoop portable

The steel construction is durable outdoors and should last the test of time. The three-piece pole is 3.5-inches around and adjusts from the base from 7.5-feet up to 10-feet. The arm itself angles upwards and forwards from the base.

The red basketball rim is steel and breaks away for effective dunking. The net is a dependable one that shouldn’t need replacing early in its life. The base that holds the hoop system in place can be filled with 34 gallons of water or sand to keep it steady.

  • Good height adjustments with a control mechanism at the center of the arm from 7.5-feet to 10-feet
  • Angled arm which is unusual for this type of portable basketball hoop
  • Solid steel frame
  • Red breakaway rim
  • Strong net that’s unlikely to break
  • Three-piece pole at 3.5-inch around
  • The base that holds 34 gallons of water or sand
  • Assembly instructions require good concentration to understand clearly
  • The side of the headboard is vulnerable to shots from the side which could damage the headboard
  • Wheels aren’t brilliant for easy maneuverability

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System

The Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System is a portable hoop that comes in four different color schemes. The one under review has a mostly black design with a different colored hoop and a mix of black and red on the backboard. Lifetime also manufactures poolside basketball hoops and mini basketball hoop at best price. You will get complete details along with your much does a basketball hoop cost

The polyethylene backboard is designed to be shatterproof. It’s a 44-inch size which is suitable for most backyards and in the driveway. The backboard has a black frame around the edges and top and bottom. The interior of the backboard has a red horizontal line at the top and bottom, along with lining the upper section of the target area behind the ring. Screen printing is used to create the decoration on the backboard.

The steel pole is powder-coated for durability and has a 2.75-inch diameter. It is made from three-pieces and telescopes from 7.5-feet up to 10-feet. The rim is bright red and holds a nylon net that is heavy and should stand up to good and bad weather alike. The base puts it all together with a 27-gallon capacity for sand or water.

  • 44-inch polycarbonate backboard
  • Steel pole, 3-parts
  • Telescoping height adjustable from 7.5-feet to 10-feet
  • Welded steel for the hooks to keep the net hooked on
  • 27-gallon base to fill with sand or water
  • Good for indoor and outdoor basketball use
  • Instructions are poorly put together making it difficult to complete assembly in reason timeframe
  • Some packages have missing parts; US owner replaces parts when found to be missing from China

Spalding NBA Hybrid 54″ Acrylic Backboard Basketball System

The Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System is smaller in some respects, but not in others. The acrylic backboard is 54-inches and has a 1-inch steel frame around it combined with attractive aluminum at the edges (there is also a 60-inch backboard version from Spalding too).affordable basketball hoop portable

The height is adjustable from 7.5-feet to 10-feet. The steel pole comes in three parts and has a 3.5-inch diameter. The base holds water up to 19 gallons, but it also can store gravel of sand (up to 200-pounds). There’s a removable lid too to pack the basketball system down smaller for transportation or storage purposes. Spalding also comes with another trampoline basketball goal which is the most popular product now these days.

The red steel rim is the breakaway kind. The board is offset from the pole by 16-inches which allows for playing rebounds and keeping the game going.

  • 54-inch acrylic see-through backboard
  • Three-part steel pole system adjusts from 7.5-feet to 10-feet
  • Choice of 19 gallons of water or 200 pounds of sand for the base
  • Steel breakaway rim
  • Durable netting
  • 60-inch backboard version also available
  • Difficulty understanding the first part of the instructions
  • Needs a large area for proper use; takes up more space than people imagine

Giantex 10FT Portable Basketball Hoop 43’’ Backboard Indoor/ Outdoor

The Giantex 10FT Portable Basketball Hoop Adjustable Height has a base and backboard both made from polyethylene. The backboard is 43-inches across, 20.5-inches tall and 1.2-inches deep. It is black with a dark red trim around portable basketball hoop

The black rim has a 17.7-inch diameter. The colorful netting hooks below and hangs down. The rim is not designed for players to dunk a ball and hang on it as it could cause injury or worse (there’s a sensible warning sticker on the backboard warning against it).

The product can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its base is smaller than most and heavily offset to the back. It holds either 66 pounds of water or 88 pounds of sand which is significantly less than most other products reviewed in this category. This makes this product more sensible for weaker, younger players and not teenagers or adults who can fire powerful shots at the hoop.

On the plus side, the height is adjustable from 6.6-feet to 10-feet, not the usual 7.5-feet upwards. Knobs are used to turn and adjust the height slowly. The base also has wheels making it easier to move around.

  • More affordable baseball hoop
  • 43-inch polyethylene backboard
  • Height adjustable pole from 6.6-feet to 10-feet
  • Rim with the 17.7-inch diameter
  • Base made from polyethylene fills with 88 pounds or sand or 66 pounds of water
  • The backboard has significant corners that could let a wayward ball shoot right past
  • Not 44-inch backboard
  • Not for dunking and swinging on the hoop
  • Holds much smaller filling in the base
  • Suitable for younger players who aren’t as powerful

Lifetime 90040 Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System

The Lifetime 90040 Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball Systemis a darker themed product. It has a 44-inch polyethylene backboard that’s designed with a dark basketball image that’s very attractive and distinctive too. The curved edges of the backboard point backwards making the front of the board stand out more than the rear. There’s also a colorful border to it and an inner target border above the hoop to help with lining up shots.Lifetime Pro Court portable hoop

The supporting 2.75-inch diameter steel pole is round and comes in three pieces. It adjusts from 7.5-feet to 10-feet in short 6-inch changes. The steel rim (18-inch diameter) is a red color which nicely offsets the rest of the backboard. The white net that hangs down tappers inwards to release the ball in a predictable position having scored a couple of points.

The base is a 27-gallon portable one. It can be filled with water or sand. There are two rugged wheels at the front to help with maneuvering it into position.

  • 44-inch polyethylene backboard
  • Steel rounded pole that rises from 7.5-feet to 10-feet
  • The base that fills with 27-gallon capacity (sand or water)
  • Base from a set of durable wheels at the front to move the basketball hoop around
  • Classic red steel rim
  • Strong white netting
  • Best For Basketball Training
  • A sand filling is recommended rather than water due to a risk of leakage at the seams
  • Backboard can get unstable with heavy shots on target
  • Fill up holes are small enough to make it difficult to fill the base quicker

Lifetime 71524 XL Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 54 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

The Lifetime 71524 XL Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System is a heavy-duty product for serious homeowners who have a large space to workout or for venues to use.Lifetime 71524 XL basketball hoop and stand portable

The backboard is 54-inches wide, 33-inches tall and has a one-inch depth. It’s is made from shatterproof Makrolon polycarbonate. It’s see through and has a black brace that runs mostly around the bottom and sides. The design of the screen printing is in three columns with the center column having a black target square. The clear backboard and black overlay stand out significantly from other multi-colored backboards.

The steel pole holding up the backboard has a powder coating to prevent early rust. It’s produced using three pieces of steel to make one long pole that’s adjustable. The patented system for adjusting height runs from 7.5-feet up to 10-feet. The aforementioned frame is secured with internal steel to give it enough strength to take strong hits on the backboard making the frame stronger.

The base is built with two large wheels at the front to make it more portable. It holds up to 35-gallons of sand or water to give it enough weight to prevent it being knocked over with a slam shot.

  • 54-inch shatterproof Makrolon polycarbonate backboard
  • A 35-gallon base for sand or water fill up
  • Three-part steel pole with powder coating
  • Base rolls on wheels
  • Rim has a spring mechanism to bound back into position every time
  • Tough nylon netting
  • Graphics on the front of the backboard designed not to fade from the sun
  • Backboard can warp in the heat; better for use in colder states
  • Mismatched bolts sometimes come in the box needing replacement to assemble the kit
  • Will only suit areas that are large enough to accommodate a 54-inch board

Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

The Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop is a 50-inch basketball hoop that looks springy and flexible. There is also a 54-inch polycarbonate backboard version too.Silverback NXT Basketball Hoop

The basic material throughout is steel. The frame aims to provide strength and rigidity from the top down to the pole at the base. Even the base has a steel frame providing better rigidity to it. There are wheels on the side of the base which make it more movable particularly as they’re large than with models with a smaller backboard.

The polycarbonate backboard is transparent with a frame behind it holding each corner in turns to keep it together. The front has a white square outline to use for aiming at the hoop below it. There will need to be good lighting to see the outline clearly, especially in low-light conditions.

The 26-inch overhang is useful for fast-paced games where bounces off the backboard often leads to frantic continued play. The height level is adjustable from 7.5-feet to 10-feet. Moving only requires lifting up the front in a wheelbarrow-like action with the wheels near the back allowing for easier rolling movement.

Assembly is usually takes only one hour and 30 minutes which is considerably less than with other products in this category.

  • Infinity edge 50-inch polycarbonate backboard that’s see-through with clear edges
  • 26-inch overhang for the hoop making rebound plays easier
  • Faster assembly in 90 minutes or less
  • Adjustable height from 7.5-feet to 10-feet
  • Steel framed construction from the base up to the backboard
  • Good stability with the steel construction
  • Fill the base with water up to 25 gallons (approximately)
  • Wheelbarrow lifting and move movement system that’s quite unusual
  • Sometimes the base can leak water
  • Not fantastic in windy areas

Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball System with 54-Inch Acrylic Backboard

The Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball System has a large 54-inch acrylic backboard backed by a steel system to protect it. The steel frame at the bottom is thicker, while the sides and top are only adequate. There’s also a supporting steel frame at the back too. Above the rim is a white square box to guide shots in.Spalding 66291 portable basketball system

The 54-inch clear backboard is supported by a red, steel rim mechanism that breaks away perfectly when dunking the ball and putting any weight on it. There’s a white netting below that will hold up to questionable weather too.

The steel pole comes in three sections and is 3.5-inches in diameter. It adjusts from 7.5-feet up to 10-feet in six-inch jumps. It is placed at an angle to create distance at the front of the hoop for rebound shots.

The base is capable of holding 34-gallons of water or sand. There are some tiny wheels at the front which are surprising considering the size of the product overall.

Being part of the NBA sponsorship, this product has the NBA logo on the bottom-left of the backboard.

  • 54-inch acrylic backboard
  • Black steel frame that’s powder coated
  • 37.5-gallon base for sand or water fill up
  • Breakaway rim for hard slams
  • Adjust the height from 7.5-feet to 10-feet
  • Front set of wheels for moving around
  • NBA branding on the backboard
  • Several times a polycarbonate backboard was provided instead of the better acrylic version. Buyers should double-check upon receipt
  • Better to fill the base with sand as freezing conditions could cause issues with a water fill up

Movement God Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System with 44″ Backboard

The Movement God Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System has a 44-inch polyethylene backboard with a 1.2-inch depth. The sturdy base is almost as large as the backboard is wide.Movement God basketball hoop

The jet-black design of the backboard with its subtle blue square above the hoop is distinctive. The nylon net below the 17.7-inch steel rim is suitably colored in white, red and blue coloring which is more interesting than the usual white-only coloring.

The base can be filled with 40 kilos of sand or 35 kilos of water to provide greater stability. There are wheels built into the base to making it simple to lift and move in a slightly elevated angle.

The height is more adjustable than most going from 6.5-feet up to 10-feet. The tubular pole is made of steel and measures 3.2-inches in diameter for greater strength over the long-term.

  • 44-inch polyethylene clear backboard with decorative white square
  • Powder coated 3.2-inch diameter steel poles
  • Polyethylene base on wheels
  • Fill the base up to 40 kilos of sand or 35 kilos of water
  • Height adjustable from 6.5-feet to 10-feet
  • Steel 17.7-inch rim
  • Colorful net that handles bad weather well
  • Not as resilient as other brands

How to Choose Best Outdoor Portable Basketball Hoop For Home

  • Backboard

  • Sizing:-  The backboard is typically between 44-inches and 60-inches. When looking for a portable basketball system for home use, most systems only support 44-inches. However, for larger front or back yards, there are models for home use with over 50-inch sized backboards.
  • Materials:- Backboards come in different materials. While tempered glass is always an option, most affordable portable basketball hoop systems use either polycarbonate, acrylic or polyethylene. Acrylic is usually considered the best of the three, but it’s also the least robust from power shots. Tempered glass runs the risk of breaking from a hard shot.
  •  Rim:- Rims come in three flavors: Standage, a breakaway with springs shown and breakaway with springs covered. The standard rims are fine for situations where no attempts will be made at dunking the ball and hanging from the rim.

With both types of breakaway rims, the idea here is that with a certain amount of pressure exerted on the rim, it will drop down to avoid breakage. Less expensive rim mechanisms bounce back up in somewhat of an unnatural way but are perfectly usable.

Professional rims cover their springs but bounce up less and tend to be more robust for aggressive or stronger players.

  • Base:- 

Bases matter with a portable basketball hoop. The smaller ones hold around 27 gallons of water or sand (and sometimes gravel). The mid-level ones go up to 35-40 gallons of sand or water. Bear in mind that with a larger backboard, you’ll need to see a larger capacity base to match it otherwise you’ll lose some stability.

One thing to bear in mind is what temperatures you get during colder conditions? When adding water to a base, it’s easy to face a freezing situation outside and not realize that the base is a block of ice now. After defrosting, quite often the base is then deformed. For this reason, people living in colder climates would do well to use sand instead of water as a filling agent. If you still insist on using water, then add anti-freeze to the mixture to try to prevent it freezing over.

With some models, using a water fill can cause leaking over time. This is far less of an issue when using sand. When using water fill up, be aware how water might escape and where the run off will go to avoid issues on the property.

  • Supports:- 

Most budget and mid-level systems using a three-pole steel construction that telescopes to be height adjustable when needed. There are some models that come as a single long pole but that’s harder to store later. Bear in mind, single poles tend to be sturdier than three-part poles that wobble more. Other than that, the frame should be made of steel, possibly with decorative aluminum in other places that don’t provide support directly.

  • Bracing:- 

The backboard will tend to be braced with a frame of some kind.Usually this is made of steel. Sometimes it supports only the bottom and part of the sides. In other cases, the bracing goes all around and also at the back for backboard stability too.


Choosing the best portable basketball hoop is all about looking first for what size will fit into space and still allow enough space to play. Ones with hoops that overhang are better for rebound shots. The quality of the backboard matters, but there’s a trade-off between strength and materials here. Steel construction throughout and a larger fillable base are must-haves when buying a durable model that will last. When you choose wisely, your basketball hoop system will provide years of pleasure.

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